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Alliance Homes - Stronger communities, better homes, smarter business


Facts about Alliance Homes Group

Alliance Homes office

Our day-to-day operations are managed by our Group Chief Executive, Clive Bodley and his Executive Team who report to the Board, led by Simon Sweetinburgh.

Read more about the Executive Team and our Board.

Our main office is based at Martingale Way, Portishead and we also have a non-public office that houses our repairs team and a customer hotline.

We employ around 400 staff who assist in looking after more than 12,000 residents and over 6,500 homes. 

Alliance Homes Group facts  

  • Is made up of 5 groups - Alliance Homes, Alliance Living Care, Alliance Living Support, Alliance Property Care and Alliance Ventures
  • Officially formed in February 2006 to receive the transfer of North Somerset Council's housing stock
  • Has a turnover of more than £36 million
  • Is a not-for-profit independent community-based social enterprise with charitable status
  • Ploughs profits back into improving existing homes, and developing and delivering services to residents and neighbourhoods
  • Offers an extensive range of housing support
  • Has a head office and registered address in Portishead (40 Martingale Way, Portishead, BS20 7AW)
  • Is regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency
  • Is run by a Board of Management with 12 Board members representing a broad cross-section of local and professional interests
  • Has established a Community Fund to give support to organisations or activities that benefit communities within Alliance Homes' operating area 

Living in North Somerset 

North Somerset is located in the South West of the UK and is situated on the M5 corridor. It extends from the edge of Bristol and the river Avon in the north, to the river Axe and the Mendip Hills in the south.

The district of North Somerset is made up of coastline and countryside. There are many distinct communities within the area which includes 35 rural parishes and the four towns of Weston-super-Mare, a large seaside resort; Clevedon, a Victorian seaside town; Nailsea, a new town built around the original village; and Portishead, a coastal town with its own marina and with views across the river Severn and the two Severn bridges towards Wales.


Image of the clock tower in Clevedon     Image of Nailsea high street    Image of the marina in Portishead


Our Homes

We provide homes from Portishead in the North to Uphill in the South.

area map


Care and support in the community

Like most Housing Associations, we aim to be more than just a landlord.

Our commitment to the provision of specialist support for those in need is demonstrated through our dedicated Care and Support Services.

We are the largest provider of housing support services for older people in North Somerset and provide services to people who live in our own sheltered schemes as well as older people in need of support who live in their own homes.

In addition, we provide support services to people with learning disabilities, those with mental health related issues, young parents, people with drug and alcohol problems, people leaving an institution or at risk of offending or re-offending, and homeless families in need of support.

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