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Anti Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviourOur aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys safety and security in their own home, but this can be badly affected if you or one of your neighbours starts to cause anti-social behaviour.


As a tenant you are responsible not only for your own behaviour but also for that of all other members of the household and any visitors to your home. You must not allow nuisance or offence to be caused to other people.


If you breach a condition of your tenancy we will investigate the circumstances and may consider taking action against you. Here are some examples of the sort of behaviour that is not acceptable:


  • Noise, including loud music
  • Offensive behaviour / drunkenness
  • Abusive language or using insulting words or behaviour because of someone’s faith, disability, sexuality, gender, age or appearance
  • Criminal activity, including using or selling drugs, prostitution, theft, burglary or receiving stolen goods
  • Damage, including vandalism and graffiti
  • Allowing pets to cause a nuisance by fouling or straying
  • Dumping rubbish


We can take action where a tenant of Alliance Homes is either causing or suffering from anti-social behaviour. In some circumstances we may also refer cases to other agencies such as the police or one of the council's social services teams.


What action can be taken?

We look at each case individually and agree on a specific course of action. With your consent, we will interview the person or situation you have complained about, where possible keeping your own identity confidential. We will inform the perpetrator what we will do if the anti-social behaviour continues and we may ask you to provide further evidence.


When we need to contact other agencies who can assist us with your complaint we will only do so with your agreement. In extreme cases we will progress cases to the County Court and/or seek to have injunctions imposed on perpetrators of serious anti-social behaviour. 


Who can I talk to?

If you or your family are being affected by anti-social behaviour, contact your estate manager who will support you in finding a solution. You can also report anti-social behaviour using our online form (all details you send to us are confidential). Go to report anti-social behaviour


How will I be supported?

We offer practical and emotional support to witnesses who provide evidence in cases of anti-social behaviour; this includes keeping in regular contact about the progress of cases. 

If you are experiencing serious anti-social behaviour we may ask you to attend court to give evidence, in which case we will also give you advice on legal procedures and if necessary provide transport to and from court.


Are there any other solutions?

You may feel able to try and solve the matter yourself with some independent help. 

Mediation logo

Mediation Somerset is an organisation which helps us to seek constructive ways to resolve neighbour disputes.

There will be no charge to you for using this service. Please contact us if you would like more information.


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