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PV installation from a bird's eye viewAs part of wider energy/carbon reduction strategy, Alliance Ventures has procured under OJEU, the UK's largest Social Housing renewable contract worth £600m, which has the capacity to deliver new technologies for 75,000 homes (one million photovoltaic panels).

The contract has been designed to support public funded bodies by offering easy access to a high quality, fully managed photovoltaic package, tendered at a very large scale to make the process affordable.

Using an optimised panel and back office management process that monitors each panel remotely for optimum performance, maintenance and automated billing, our PV investment model illustrates the following benefits:

  • Taking tenants out of fuel poverty
  • Significantly reducing the carbon footprint of stock
  • Creating sustainable and prosperous communities
  • Generating new revenue to help fund future asset investment programmes
  • Incorporates wide energy efficiency measure to benefit all

To assist organisations to undertake their own options appraisals, all the due diligence work completed by Alliance Ventures is being offered at no cost. A summary of the contract details and a typical performance model is available on request by email to Jasmine.Forsdyke@alliancehomes.org.uk.


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