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Welfare changes and what it means to you

Welfare Reform

The government is making (and has already made) big changes to working-age benefits since 2013. Changes such as the “Bedroom Tax”- reducing Housing Benefit for working age tenants with ‘extra’ bedrooms, and Universal Credit – where all payments, including those to cover your rent- are made monthly directly to you.

Some of these changes might make it more difficult for you to pay your rent. Remember - your rent is your responsibility, but we are here to help if you are having money worries. We can also help you with mutual exchanges, transfers, or applications for Discretionary Housing Payments.

Universal Credit

Are you on one of the benefits that Universal Credit is replacing?
Or are you someone who can claim Universal Credit?

Two Child Limit for Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit and Universal Credit

Having your third (or fourth, fifth plus) child?

Changes for people who have a Limited Capability for Work

Claiming Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit when unfit for work?

The Bedroom Tax (Under occupation)

Does the government think you have too many bedrooms?

Non-dependant deductions

Does someone age 18 or over live with you?

The Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap limits the overall amount of welfare benefits a ‘working age’ household can receive.

It does not affect you if you (or you and your partner) are Pension Credit age.

If you are affected it is worth checking to see if you can claim one of the benefits that will exclude you from the Cap.

Discretionary Housing Payments

Are you on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and struggling to pay your rent? Or perhaps you need to move due to the Welfare Reform changes but don’t have the money for a deposit for privately rented housing, or for removal costs?

Personal Independence Payment

Do you or your partner suffer from any disabilities or illnesses?

Council Tax Support

Finding it difficult to pay your council tax bill?