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A younger person smiling with a support worker

Our Support Services

We are the largest provider of housing support services in North Somerset. We deliver many of our services working in partnership with local, regional and national support organisations.

We support people with learning disabilities, people who are recovering from drug or alcohol dependency, young people making their way after a childhood spent in and out of care homes, people with mental health needs, those who provide unpaid care to friends or family, anyone who needs a bit of help getting into employment, people who need help with their finances and support to get their lives back on track and older people who need some help to continue to live independent lives in the community. To put it another way anyone who, at some time in their lives, needs a bit of help to live independently and safely at home. Our support is time limited, dependent on need. Unfortunately we are unable to provide long-term support services.

Watch the video below and hear from Marian about how Alliance Living Support helped her.