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Report a repair

Report a repair

We're committed to providing you with an excellent repairs service that is easy for you to access at a time that suits you.

Is there an immediate risk to your safety or health?

We prioritise emergency and urgent repairs to make sure we provide repairs first to those people who need our help most. We respond to emergency repairs within 24 hours and to urgent repairs as soon as possible. You can see which repairs are classified as emergency and urgent repairs here. All non-emergency and non-urgent repairs are classified as routine repairs.

Routine repairs and managing high demand

We’re going to be making improvements to how we handle repairs. To make these improvements, for the next six months we’re changing how we handle routine repairs. Emergency and urgent repairs will be prioritised, as will home safety checks like boiler servicing and inspecting damp and mould. Please continue to report routine repairs, however, they may take longer than usual.

When the improvements are complete, we’ll have additional resources in place and we’ll be ready to work through these repairs as quickly as possible

We’ll continue to review repairs requests and will update you when we can.

Before you raise a repair

You may wish to check whether the repair is something you can do. Our page on maintaining your home, provide lots of tip for what to do when something goes wrong. Additionally, you may want to take a look at what repairs are our customers’ responsibility on our Which repairs should I do? page.

Raising a repair

If you need to contact us for a repair, the quickest way is through our customer portal, Connect. Here you'll be able to book and manage your repair. Alternatively, you can call us on 03000 120 120.

We appreciate that you might have some questions about our repairs service so we've pulled together the most common ones here, if you have other questions please chat to us online or call us, we'd be happy to help.