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Photograph at dusk of Tamar Court which is a yellow brick building with a modern glass entrance. A bare tree hangs over the frame of the image.

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Alliance Homes Group has a strong track record in the delivery of new homes, with plans to build 2,000 more in the next ten years.

As one of the largest providers of homes in the region our development activities create and support jobs within the construction industry and our new housing schemes contribute towards meeting housing need and sustaining local communities.

We're fully committed to meeting housing demand within the region and we are currently expanding our area of operation. We will continue to explore and develop a range of housing options in response to the ever changing needs of our customers.

Over the next few years we intend to meet the rising demand for affordable housing by investing in new sites and making better use of some of our own land. We will also continue to purchase new homes from developers and seek new land opportunities.