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Information about your tenancy

All new tenants are initially given a “starter tenancy”. During this time some rights are limited – for example, there is no right to buy your home through the Right to Acquire Scheme, to exchange your home with another tenant, to take in a lodger or to make changes to the property. If there are no problems with the tenancy at the end of the starter period (usually 6 months), the tenancy will convert either to an assured (“lifetime”) tenancy or to a fixed term tenancy for 5 years.  Which tenancy you will be offered depends on your circumstances and the type of property you are occupying.

If you were a tenant of North Somerset Council before February 2006 and are now a tenant of Alliance Homes, you will almost certainly have what is called a protected assured tenancy. This means you have slightly different rights to those who have become tenants since that date, including the Right to Buy.  

Most of our homes are let at what is called a social rent. This means we follow rules set by our regulator when we set the amount of the rent. Some of our homes are also let at what is called an affordable rent. For these properties the rent is 80% of the average private rent that is charged in the area.

You can find your tenancy agreement and more information about the tenancy in Connect, our customer portal. ​