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Red brick homes on a new development scheme.

Rent a home

As a Housing Association, we do not hold our own waiting list. To apply for one of our homes you will need to register through schemes run by your local authority. You can then view the available properties each week and 'bid' on the ones you are interested in moving into.

The success of your bid will depend on the priority or 'banding' your application has been given. If there is more than one successful bidder with the same priority, the property is usually offered to the person who has been waiting the longest.

If you need help with your application, be sure to check our renting a home guidance webpage or contact us using the telephone number featured in the related items section of this page.

Accommodation for older people:

There are a range of homes including homes for people over the age of 60. These are usually flats with shared communal areas, or self-contained flats and bungalows. We sometimes have homes for older people available without the need to go through the local authority, visit our Accommodation for older people page to read more.

Rent a garage

Alliance Homes, working in partnership with Secure Parking and Storage (SPS), have a number of garages that are available to rent throughout the North Somerset area.  

Please telephone 0117 359 1425 to find out further details.