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Tenant satisfaction measures

The Regulator for Social Housing’s (RSH) new Tenant Satisfaction Measures and landlord metrics came into force on 1 April 2023.  

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures and landlord metrics are being put in place to ensure that housing associations are providing high-quality services to their tenants.

What are the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures? 

There are 22 new Tenant Satisfaction Measures. Ten measures will be collected by providers directly and 12 will be measured via customer (tenant) perception surveys. 

The 12 perception questions will cover a range of topics, including repairs and maintenance, the overall quality of the property, safety and security and how we involve and listen to customers. 

The 12 questions measured by customers are: 

  • TP01: Overall satisfaction 
  • TP02: Satisfaction with repairs 
  • TP03: Satisfaction with time taken to complete most recent repair 
  • TP04: Satisfaction that the home is well-maintained 
  • TP05: Satisfaction that the home is safe 
  • TP06: Satisfaction that the landlord listens to tenant views and acts upon them 
  • TP07: Satisfaction that the landlord keeps tenants informed about things that matter to them 
  • TP08: Agreement that the landlord treats tenants fairly and with respect 
  • TP09: Satisfaction with the landlord’s approach to handling of complaints
  • TP10: Satisfaction that the landlord keeps communal areas clean and well maintained
  • TP11: Satisfaction that the landlord makes a positive contribution to neighbourhoods.  

In support of our corporate priorities, we are asking customers the following additional questions:

  • Agreement that the landlord can be trusted by the tenant to do the right thing 
  • Agreement that the landlord is easy to deal with 
  • Agreement that the rent paid is value for money.

The ten measures that’ll be collected by us cover a range of topics relating to the management of our homes. These include home safety checks, repair timescales and complaint handling.

The 10 questions collected directly from us are: 

  • CH01: Complaints relative to the size of the landlord* 
  • CH02: Complaints responded to with Complaint Handling Code timescales 
  • NM01: ASB cases relative to the size of the landlord** 
  • RP01: Homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard  
  • RP02: Repairs completed with target timescales 
  • BS01: Gas safety checks 
  • BS02: Fire safety checks 
  • BS03: Asbestos safety checks 
  • BS04: Water safety checks 
  • BS05: Lift safety checks 

*This measure will be based on the number of complaints we receive for each 1,000 homes we own 

**This measure will be based on the number of anti-social behaviour cases for each 1,000 homes we own including the number of cases that involve hate incidents. 

How often will this information be collected? 

The survey will be conducted bi-annually, and the results will be reported to the RSH each a year. This data will be used to assess housing associations’ performance and to help identify areas where improvements are needed.  

The RSH will also publish the results of the survey on their website, so that tenants and other interested parties can see how housing associations are performing.

How will the research be carried out? 

Every household will be invited to take part in either July or January. We will only include one response per household. 

 Research will be carried out in two waves in July and January to ensure we capture an accurate sample and be conducted via online surveys and telephone interviews. These waves will be combined for analysis and reporting.

When will the information be reported? 

Housing associations much submit their first year of Tenant Satisfaction Measures data by summer 2024. It is anticipated that the first year of this data will be available on Autumn 2024. However, we will continue to share our results through our customer newsletter InTouch and our Customer Annual Review which is published in the autumn.  

To read more about the Tenant Satisfaction Measures visit The charter for social housing residents - social housing white paper.