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Emergency and urgent repairs

Emergency and urgent repairs

While we know every repair is important, we need to respond quickest to those who need our help most. Each repair is prioritised according to the health and safety of our customers.

Remember, if there’s a danger to life always call 999.

Is there an immediate risk to safety or health?

Emergency and urgent repairs are our two main priorities. We attend to emergency repairs with 24 hours and urgent repairs with seven days.

If the repair you need is not an emergency or urgent repair it will be a routine repair, these are attended within 90 days. There is currently a national shortage of certain materials which means routine repairs are taking longer to arrange. Our teams are working hard to complete repairs and get back to business as usual.

Before logging a repair you may want to check our page on which repairs you can do and also our page on maintaining your home, it’s got lots of useful tips.

What are emergency repairs?

Emergency repairs are anything that puts the health and safety or security of a tenant or third party at immediate risk, or which affects the structure of the building. We’ll respond to all emergency repairs within 24 hours of receiving the call.

  • Total loss of water
  • Total loss of electrical supply.  You should unplug your appliances and try to reset the trip switch first to ensure your appliance is not faulty.  Any repairs carried out as a result of a faulty appliance will be recharged to you.
  • Major fault with electrical supply.
  • Unsafe or overheating electrical fittings, but not plugs or appliances owned by you which should be disconnected or switched off.
  • Failure of a lift.
  • Compete failure of door entry system
  • Fire alarm and smoke detection faults
  • Faulty shower where only means of washing/wetroom
  • Complete failure of communal lighting
  • Failure of individual pendant or warden call/telecare accessory
  • Replacement fob where lost and only means of entry (rechargable)
  • Burst water pipes or mains causing damage to the property.
  • Flooding (damaged contents will need to be covered by your own insurance).
  • Severe storm damage.
  • Insecure external door or window.
  • Gas Leak (You should ring National Grid on 0800 111999).
  • Blocked flue.
  • Blocked mains drains, soil pipe or toilet (where no other in the property), causing flooding inside or outside your home. For blockages caused by you, we will charge you the full costs of the repair and an administration charge).
  • Heating or hot water loss for elderly or vulnerable tenants between 30th September - 1st May.
  • Fire damage.
  • Missing or dangerous manhole covers.
  • Offensive or racist graffiti.
  • Failure or activation of a carbon monoxide alarm.


What are urgent repairs?

The following are considered urgent repairs and this means they will be handled within seven days.

  • Faulty sealed lights
  • Solar PV system not generating (Low Carbon Exchange)
  • Minor plumbing leaks or defects that cannot be contained
  • Blocked main drains
  • Heating faults or breakdowns
  • Hot water faults or breakdowns
  • Minor electrical faults
  • Roof leaks that cannot be contained
  • Blocked gutters that are causing water ingress that has caused a leak that can't be contained
  • Severe damp
  • Insecure internal doors or windows
  • Failure of door entry phone
  • Graffiti (if offensive or intimidating this will be removed immediately)
  • Faulty extractor fan
  • Defective structural flooring
  • Insecure stair treads, handrails or banisters