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Supporting our communities

The situation with coronavirus is constantly changing and we recognise that this is an unsettling time.

We’ve been continuing to provide support services to our customers during this crisis and carrying out welfare checks with some customer groups. If you think you need additional help or are finding things tough, please get in touch.

Here you can see a list of advice and other support agencies as well as some of the things we're doing to help customers.

Donating to local food banks

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, food banks have seen a sharp increase in demand which has left supplies and finances extremely low.

Now, more than ever, their relying on donations to help manage their stock to continue providing the support, that to some families, is vital.

In April, our Senior Leadership Team and Board agreed a contribution of £5,000 worth of Nectar Points between Clevedon District and Weston-super-Mare Food banks who are under no exceptions from food banks across the county experiencing this massive demand.

In December, after the second Government lockdown, we furthered our support by donating another £2000 between Weston and Clevedon District Food Banks.

These donations allow the food banks to purchase more goods and replenish stocks so they can continue helping families across our district who’ve been affected by coronavirus and its lock down.