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Rural Housing Week 2020

This week, we’re celebrating Rural Housing Week with the National Housing Federation.

People living in rural areas could become quite isolated, especially after a long lockdown. Phone and internet signal may be impacted by living in a rural location, as well as the isolation caused by the reduction of public transport links. Local businesses may also be at risk as we move towards a ‘new normal’.

Increasing affordable housing in these areas helps communities grow and thrive. In line with our aim of delivering 2,000 new homes in ten years, we’ve delivered 21 in rural areas and villages since this time last year:

  • Two in Cobthorn Way, Congresbury
  • Eight in Greenhill Road, Sandford
  • Four in Princes Court, Yatton
  • Seven in Says Lane, Langford

A mixture of affordable rent and shared ownership homes, they’ve contributed to strengthening rural communities and boosting local businesses.

We’re pleased to say we're bringing another 21 new homes to Congresbury next year, as well as several more on Cobthorn Way and Greenhill Road.