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Our expectations

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal contract and amongst other things means that you are require to:

  • Pay your rent on time
    This means making regular payments and making sure that you do not fall behind with your rent.   
  • Take care of your home, garden and any shared areas
    This means keeping gardens tidy and keeping corridors and staircases free of items that may be unsightly or cause an obstruction or safety hazard to others.
  • Allow us access
    This means letting us into your home when we need to service gas appliances, check electrical installations or carry out any other survey work.
  • Look after pets properly
    This means picking up and disposing of waste, keeping animals under control and understanding for example that a barking dog is annoying to your neighbours.
  • Park vehicles with care and courtesy
    This means using designated parking areas safely without blocking other vehicles, carrying out repairs or other activities that inconvenience others.
  • Be considerate to your neighbours and others around you
    This means behaving responsibly and lawfully, showing the same respect to others as you would expect them to show to you – but including a degree of tolerance when necessary.       

But we want our relationship with you to be based on more than that.

We believe you should also make your own positive contribution to your community by working or training, by helping others and simply by being a good tenant and neighbour - not just because your tenancy agreement requires it but because it encourages other people to do the same.

If you have any difficulties or questions about your tenancy we will assist where possible. Depending on the nature of the problem, this is very likely to involve other agencies who can offer specific help and support.  They will use a 'support plan' that sets out the type of help that can be provided, what issues are going to be tackled, what you will need to do yourself to ensure a positive outcome and the timescale within which this should be achieved.

If we have no concerns about how you’re getting on, we will look to convert your tenancy after six months. But if you do breach the terms of your tenancy agreement while you have a starter tenancy, we can give you two months notice that you must leave and a court will automatically give possession of your home back to us.