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Looking after a new build home

So, you have been in your new build property for a few days and you have noticed a few issues, could it be a defect or something easily sorted with a quick look at our guide online or a discussion with our Customer Service Team?

To determine when you need to call someone about an issue in your home, have you considered the following hints and tips?

PAINTWORK- All surfaces

Alliance Homes work closely with the developer to ensure a good, quality standard, but sometimes after completion the property will start to dry out and may result in minor cracks, splits, separations and warping. This is known as shrinkage and is not considered a defect unless of course it can be seen 3 metres away.


During the drying out period your doors may expand or contract depending on the conditions within your home and the environment. It is nothing to worry about and after time, your doors will contract less.


After handover to Alliance Homes by the developer, there may be staff attending to the property, to clean or show potential tenants around, this could cause some scratches on surfaces, such as door handles, it is therefore not considered a defect, but more ‘wear and tear’.


Although Alliance Homes do a thorough check on our properties when we take handover, some minor things can be missed such as paint drips on the gloss work or slight scuff marks on the walls. The scuff marks can usually be removed by wiping the surface gently with a damp cloth. Again, this is not considered a defect but general ‘wear and tear’.


Some of our properties were fitted with carpets, this is no longer the case with properties completing from May 2018.

If you do have carpet in your property, this was done by Alliance Homes and not the developer, therefore there is no warranty on the carpet, and is ‘accepted as seen’ on the viewing/sign up.


All our properties are commissioned and certified by NICEiC trained electricians and have been stringently tested, so that once Alliance Homes take handover of the properties the components are working. Things can become faulty afterwards, therefore if you call our Customer Service Team we will ask you questions to ascertain if it’s a defect that is reportable to the developer. We will ask you the following:

  • Power Failure- check with your neighbours and look at street lighting to make sure it’s not a power cut to the whole area
  • If it’s just to your property, check your home to see where the problem lies- have the fuses blown? You can check the consumer unit and see if the circuit breakers are on (in the up position). Circuit breakers act as a ‘safety device’ and trip off the electric if the circuit is overloaded. If it trips, it indicates that there is a problem that needs solving- for example- faulty plugs, leads or sockets. Have you recently moved in and plugged in an old appliance? We may ask you to unplug and/or turn off all appliances and reset the circuit breaker. We may also ask you to check light bulbs have not blown. If it trips again, after checking all appliances are not the cause, then you may have a short circuit and will require an urgent call out.
  • Light bulb replacement will be down to yourselves.
  • Lighting failure- please check the circuit breaker, check the switches and that the light bulb is not blown. If the light is still not working please call Alliance Homes as there may be a fault that needs investigating.
  • Smoke detector is bleeping- although they will be mains powered, they still require working batteries, therefore please replace the batteries and if the bleeping continues please call Alliance Homes for further assistance.

Our properties will be designed in line with Building regulations appropriate at the time of planning approval. Some properties may have a two zoned heating system, this means there will be two thermostats in the property, determining the heating in that zone only. You will notice that you will have a thermostat in your living room and one in your bedroom. As you have a thermostat in the bedroom you will not have a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) on the radiator so you can only control the temperature by the thermostat on the wall.  Please check with your boiler manual and thermostat leaflet for further information.

  • If you have a serious leak on your tap/pipework, please switch off the water valve in your property and call our Customer Service Team.
  • If you have a loose tap, please call our Customer Service Team and provide as much information as you can, is it the hot or cold tap, is it in the bathroom or kitchen? Is it your shower/bath mixer? If possible, photographs would be handy to send to the developer to identify what tap you have to minimise call outs to your property.
  • Your boiler is not working, please call our Customer Service Team who may ask you to confirm if there is a error message on the boiler, and then they can ascertain if an urgent call out is required by the developer.

 If you are unsure or have further questions please call Alliance Homes on 03000 120 120. 


Firstly a new build property is covered by a 12 month warranty by the contractor, if you do have a reportable defect that needs to go to the contractor, it's important to remember that depending on severity of the defect, the contractor has up to 28 days to contact you to make an appointment and attend to the defect. Here are some examples of timescales for repairs of defects:

Response Time


Examples of reportable defect

24 hours

Emergency repairs

·       Make safe serious leaks

·       Unblock drains etc which are likely to flood the home

·       Loss of water supply

·       Lift breakdown

·       Complete loss of electricity or serious electrical fault

·       Insecure entrance or exit doors

·       Insecure ground floor windows

·       Blocked toilet

·       Structural failure which is an immediate danger to life or death

·       Loss of heating

·       Provide alternative temporary space heating facilities where loss of space heating has occurred

·       Loss of hot water

·       Provide alternative temporary hot water facilities where the loss of hot water has occurred

·       Tenants will be advised to contact the Gas Board direct should a gas leak be detected

·       Unsafe electrical fittings

3 working days

Very urgent repairs

·       Partial loss of electricity supply

·       Blocked bath, sink or basin

·       Tap that cannot be turned off


5 working days

Urgent repairs

·       Leaking roof

·       Faulty entrance or exit doors

·       Faculty electrical switches

·       Faulty heating/plumbing appliances

·       Minor plumbing leaks or faults

·       Minor electrical faults

·       Blocked gutters

·       Severe dampness

·       Failure of door entry system

·       Faulty extractor fan

·       Faulty flooring (if fitted by developer)

·       Faulty shared TV aerial

15 days

Minor repairs

·       Repairs to doors and windows

·       Repairs or cleaning gutters & downpipes

·       Repairs to kitchen fittings

·       Repairs to plasterwork

·       Dripping or leaking taps or showers

·       Minor plumbing repairs

·       Easing doors and windows

28 days

Routine repairs

·       Non urgent repairs which could cause damage to the property or inconvenience to the occupier if left to end of defects period