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Your electrics

If it's a simple problem, you can avoid waiting for an electrician with these fixes.

Tips on electrical safety

  • Take care in the kitchen – don't leave cooking unattended and keep electrical appliances and leads away from water.  
  • Faulty appliances are a common cause of house fires  - so check your electrical appliances to make sure there’s no evidence of faults, loose or exposed wires. 
  • Don't overload sockets or daisy chain sockets together (where you plug multiple extensions into each other) – this is extremely dangerous. 
  • Avoid running appliances like washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers overnight or when you’re out (as you won’t be around to spot any problems). Clean lint from tumble dryers. 
  • You can register your domestic appliances to be the first to find out if any safety issues or recalls affect you. It's easy to do and free. 
  • Keep soft furnishings away from anything that generates heat, including light bulbs.