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Someone filling out a survey.


As part of using any of our services, it's likely you may be asked from time to time to give us feedback on your experiences with us.

Here are the type of surveys we conduct and how you can get involved.

Transactional surveys

Following key interactions with us, we'll send you a short survey so you can tell us about your experience.

Your feedback will be used to drive service improvements.

Examples of transactional surveys include:

  • Home Repairs Service
  • New Customer Experience
  • Major Works after work is completed
  • Complaints
  • ASB
  • Contact Centre
  • Support Service
Annual/Bi-annual Customer Experience surveys

We ask customers to share their experiences to help us improve these services.

Annual/bi-annual customer experience surveys include:

  • Alliance Living Care Survey (annual survey)
  • Sheltered Leasehold Survey (annual survey)
  • Adult Carers (bi-annual survey)
Customer experience key performance indicator (KPI) surveys

Twice a year, we measure our overall performance with our customer experience key performance indicator (KPIs) survey.

The survey is conducted through HIVE, by email, and by telephone.

To ensure transparency around how we're performing, we'll publish the results of these KPIs in our Annual Customer Review.