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Springboard Fund

If you have been financially affected by COVID-19 or are experiencing hardship because of increased rent liability, you may be able to apply for support from our Springboard fund. This fund aims to support those who have experienced lost earnings or employment, extra or unexpected costs, or are experiencing any other financial difficulties.

The Springboard Fund is available to customers who are renting homes from us and seeking to engage in long-term debt solutions to sustain their tenancies.

How to apply

You can self-refer by emailing or by calling us on 03000 120 120.

We will be in touch within five working days to discuss your circumstances and asses the available support we are able to offer.

If your application is determined to need assistance, you will receive a summary of the available support within ten working days, sooner if it is an emergency.

Our Housing and Support services team can also provide other services such as longer-term financial planning, help with claiming Universal Credit and other benefits.

How to access approved funds?

The type of support available is dependent on the needs of the case. Alliance Homes can adjust your rent or other accounts, provide vouchers through email or text messages, or vouchers for relevant stores.

We will not provide cash awards or ask you to pay in advance and claim the money back later.